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DISC Certification: Conduct Your Own DISC Training Workshops

A Complete Package: DISC Certification and a Training Program You Can Customize

Our DISC training and certification packages give you everything you need to start conducting DISC training workshops:

  • PowerPoint presentations you can customize (unlimited-use license)
  • Participant's workbooks you can customize and print (unlimited-use license)
  • Training in conducting workshops using the course materials
  • Training in the DISC Behavioral Style model, and in how to administer and analyze individual DISC assessments
  • DISC trainer certification for program participants

Get Certified in Person or by Phone or Skype

We can train individual trainers or groups of trainers onsite at your location, or conduct training for your instructors by phone or Skype. You can be up and running in as little as two days.

Online DISC Assessments & Administration

For certified trainers, we can provide an online service to administer DISC assessments for new employees or class participants as needed. We provide you with the tools to monitor and manage the process as your participants complete their assessments online, and as you and each participant receive the results.

Get Started Today

If you have been considering getting certified in DISC, why wait? Contact us today and we will give you all the information you need to get started immediately.


We can provide DISC training for everyone in your organization. If, however, you would like to conduct your own training sessions, we can also supply you with a complete train-the-trainer program. We will train and certify your instructors, and equip them with all the tools they need to conduct DISC training workshops. Whether you manage a corporate training department or operate your own training business, we will enable you to offer DISC training to your employees or clients.

Train-the-Trainer Programs for DISC Training & Certification

Training DISC trainers

Our train-the-trainer programs can be conducted onsite at your facility, or by phone or Skype. We provide you everything you need to conduct two-hour, half-day or full-day DISC training workshops. Our programs include training and certification of your trainers and all training materials, including PowerPoint presentations and participant workbooks that you can customize and print.

Your trainers will learn to conduct fun and effective training workshops, facilitate discussions and exercises and help participants interperet their DISC assessments.

Add DISC to Your Existing Training Curricula, or Start a New Training Business

If you currently offer training in interpersonal communication skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, leadership or team building, you will enhance your offerings tremendously by adding DISC to your training curricula. DISC allows you to personalize the training for each participant and helps you to drive home the necessity of being able to communicate effectively with all types of people.

If you are thinking about starting your own training business, DISC can help you add the substance you need to make your programs really effective.

Train-the-Coach Programs for DISC Coaching & Certification

DISC is a powerful tool for coaching and counseling. If you would like to begin using DISC assessments with your employees or clients, we can provide you the training and certification you need to begin using these tools immediately.

DISC Coaching

We conduct our training and certification programs for coaches either onsite or by phone or via Skype. You will learn how to analyze and interpret DISC assessments, and how to help clients to understand their behavioral patterns.

The key to DISC coaching lies in the realization that a person is not their behavior: If your client can become aware of the behavioral patterns that result in self-sabotage, he or she can do something about it. In our DISC coaching certification programs, we give you the tools you need to help clients change their behavior, improve their communication and take charge of their lives.

A Customized Training Program for Your Organization or Training Business

If you are interested in developing a customized DISC training program that integrates specific skills such as reflective listening, conflict resolution, negotiation, sales, or time/stress management, we can develop a program that meets your requirements. We can customize a training package to integrate your organization's vision, mission and core values as well. Contact us for a free telephone consultation. After determining your objectives, we can quote a fee that includes program development, PowerPoint presentations and workbooks for training, and the train-the-trainer and certification programs to get your trainers ready to teach.

Helping Individuals and Teams to Improve Communication & Teamwork

DISC is a powerful tool for helping individuals and teams to improve communication and teamwork. With your DISC certification and training materials, you will have everything you need to launch a new program designed to bring about personal and organizational transformation. As you expand your training and coaching program over time, Roger Reece is available to provide you with additional trainer certification and program development.

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